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Julie_Rutkowski, Founder

Julie Rutkowski, LCSW

Founder  |  Therapist

For Julie Rutkowski, connections are key. 

Building CHI by connecting healing practitioners.

Integrating mind, body, and spirit for holistic healing.

Bridging Eastern and Western medicine.

Linking learnings from one client to another.

Connecting with people. With memories. With ideas.

Most of all, Julie's connection with her clients is the key to her approach. A key that turns to reveal new paths toward healing.


If you ask Julie about her areas of specialization, she may mention her almost 25 years of experience with adolescents. Her work with individuals, couples, families, the LGBTQ community. Helping people with anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, anger management, women’s issues, ADHD, and trauma. And then she’ll explain:

"It’s not really about the population or the diagnosis. My niche is more about my approach. And my approach is my connection with my clients. Connections allow us to live life more fully: to live a healthy lifestyle with strong social relationships and a sense of purpose.”

Frequent Offerings

  • Counseling and workshops for couples

  • Stress reduction for individuals and groups

  • Workshops for parents of teenagers

  • Finding Your Purpose Workshop

  • Increasing Gratitude & Positivity Workshop

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