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Jacquie Stone, MCAT

Master’s Level Art Therapist, Counselor & Addictions Specialist

Passion, connection and patience describes how Jacquie works with her clients to heal and help them to reach their true potential using Art Therapy.  Art therapy is a non-verbal way for clients to express themselves and gain insight through a person-centered and holistic approach.  Jacquie has 12 years of experience as a therapist and has completed two years of addictions training.  Jacquie has an empathetic, nurturing, non-judgmental style that clients really respond to.

“There is no wisdom greater than kindness.” This represents Jacquie’s values, and she believes everyone deserves kindness and respect as they go down their special and unique path towards well-being.  Jacquie offers the client ways of healing through art therapy as well as addiction services and education.  Empowerment and belief that clients can move forward to where they want to be, is what Jacquie tries to instill in her clients.

Frequent Offerings

  • Art Therapy & Counseling sessions  for individuals and groups

  • Addiction Education and Counseling with Art Therapy or through other resources for individuals and groups

  • Group and collaborative workshops

Connect with Jacquie

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