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Annmarie Mendez

Annmarie Mendez, MA

Wellness Coach and Counselor

Annmarie Mendez has a warm, motivational, and holistic approach. With a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling and 12 years' experience as a therapist, Annmarie has exceptional clinical counseling skills. As a Mom of two daughters and a member of the Holistic Mom's Network, she implements holistic values in her daily life.  Annmarie integrates these experiences as a Wellness Coach and administrator of Bio-Resonance to help clients reset and create balance in their lives.

"We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to journeys of self-discovery.”  Annmarie guides clients to identify goals, overcome obstacles, and increase motivation to take action. With coaching, Annmarie offers clients a clear view for their future and empowers them to achieve it. With Bio-Resonance Healing, a program designed to create personalized healing frequencies, Annmarie empowers clients to rebalance on their own. These individualized audio tones can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Annmarie believes empowerment is essential to every healing journey and empowers each client to find their unique path.

Frequent Offerings

  • Wellness Coaching with individuals 

  • Wellness Coaching with families

  • Bio-Resonance Healing

Connect with Annmarie

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