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Margie Neighbors

Vibrational Sounds Therapist & Reiki Master 

Margie is a true advocate for nurturing the mind, body, and spirit connection. With over 30 years of dedication as a nurse and several years as a Reiki Master, Margie’s passion is caring for others. Her most recent certification in Vibrational Sound Therapy allows Margie to use a new tool in her work to help alleviate stress, ease pain, and attain wellness. 

“I believe energy flows through all living beings and the disruptions of this flow can lead to illness and emotional distress.” Margie enjoys assisting others in restoring the natural flow of energy within and promotes this with both energy healing and vibrational sound. A session with Margie is gentle, relaxing and restorative. 


Margie works with young students as a nurse and volunteers to offer Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy in assisted living centers. She has worked in Integrative Hospital Programs and with cancer centers. Margie brings passion, care, and authenticity to every client she meets. 

Frequent Offerings

  • Reiki

  • Vibrational Sound Therapy

Connect with Margie

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