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A Message from Our Founder,
Julie Rutkowski

 Julie Rutkowski

I am often asked about my motivation to open a sanctuary for holistic healing. And while I’ve been advised by the world of business to perfect my short elevator pitch, I struggle to keep the answer brief, as my passion is both personal and professional.
In my short answer, I typically include my 25-plus years' of experience as a mental health therapist, during which I learned my clients would feel significantly better if they incorporated mindfulness and/or some form of exercise. I might also draw on stories of a client whose anxiety was, in part, due to a hormone imbalance or another client who safely stopped taking mood stabilizers by dramatically changing his lifestyle. 
My motivation is also somewhat self-serving. I want to collaborate with a team of professionals whom I respect. I want the opportunity to work with groups of clients again. I want to work in a pretty and calming space. 
The answer includes the science of energy in the human body, research proving the positive aspects of breathwork and Yoga, and Olympic athletes who tout the benefits of acupuncture and visualization.

But my motivation includes so much more: my deep belief in the human body as a whole system instead of a sum of parts, my personal transformation and feelings of peace developed by daily meditation, my family’s own journey through a mental health crisis and the amazing healing we have experienced.
Ultimately, my main motivation has remained the same throughout my career, which is to help others. Now, I am fortunate to have broadened my perspective of what that help includes, and I am beyond thrilled to offer it to you. 

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