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Functional Medicine & Wellness Coach

Dawn Karwoski, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Functional Medicine & Wellness Coach

With a National Board Certification as well as a certification in Functional Medicine and Wellness Coaching, Dawn believes in getting to the root of struggles by “peeling back the layers of the onion” and viewing the well-being of each client as a whole. She holds space for her clients in a compassionate, empathetic environment that is full of grace. “More than anything I want you to know that healing is possible for you. You have the capacity to change.”

After spending decades suffering from mystery illnesses and being dismissed by dozens of Doctors, Dawn forged her path to healing using Functional Medicine and mind-body-spirit wellness. She successfully put her 10+ “incurable” conditions into remission and now supports others on their journey to grow into the empowered, resilient person they have been all along.  Dawn looks forward to helping you live healthy and happy, simply. 

Frequent Offerings

  • Health + Wellness Coaching for Individuals and Groups

  • Hybrid Coaching Programs 

  • Workshops + Retreats

Connect with Dawn

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