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Jenni Antonicic, Yoga and Meditiation Instructor

Jenni Antonicic

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Patience  envelopes how Jenni Anne Antonicic shares meditation with clients. Patience during her own years of intermittent attempts to learn. Patience to make esoteric  concepts and experiences palatable. Patience for "the subtle ingredient of time, necessary for growth and healing." 


Jenni combines Tantra Yoga concentration and breath tech-niques with Buddhist and secularized meditation methods. 

Jenni's authentic and earnest support helps new learners enjoy the benefits of regular meditation without spending decades struggling to learn.  


With a balance of discipline and compassion grounded in curiosity and kindness, Jenni reminds us to be patient. Because "we are all exactly where we need to be to learn what is necessary to take us to the next step." Because "In every moment, we are practicing something and getting better at it." And because "'Take a slow breath in, and an easy breath out,' is always the best advice."

Frequent Offerings

  • Meditation

  • Multi-style Yoga

  • Workshops, retreats, courses

  • Special occasion sessions

  • Group and private sessions

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