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Aimee Ottosen, Yoga Therapist

Aimee Forsberg Ottosen,


Aimee Forsberg Ottosen makes our beloved Yoga even more therapeutic. As a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Educator and Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Aimee uses the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Yoga and the spiritual connection Yoga invokes to help clients along their healing journey.

Clients appreciate that Aimee meets them where they are, establishing trust, connecting, and accepting. Without judgement, Aimee starts where her clients are on any particular day and moves methodically and intentionally forward, recognizing that healing is a process, not an end result. 


Using Yoga therapy, Aimee helps her clients peel back the layers, discover the root cause of their symptoms, and move toward clarity. She helps her clients get to a place where, when she says "Be here now. Appreciate it," they can. 

Frequent Offerings

  • Individual and small group Yoga therapy

  • Mentoring and continuing education credits for Yoga professionals

  • Individual and small group meditation

  • Yoga for longevity, anxiety and sleep

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

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