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Holistic Healing & Somatic Therapy

Welcome to the Center for Healing and Integration, a leader in holistic healing practices. At our center, we believe in the power of treating the mind and body as a connected whole. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and effective healing therapies that address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of mental and emotional health issues. One of the innovative therapies we offer is somatic healing therapy, which has shown great success in treating conditions such as PTSD. Somatic healing therapy is a groundbreaking approach that focuses on the connection between the mind and body. Utilizing a variety of techniques and interventions, somatic healing therapy aims to restore balance and harmony within the individual, by integrating the mind and body. Somatic healing therapy addresses not just the psychological aspects of trauma and other mental health issues but also works to heal the physical manifestations of these conditions. Recently authors writing on spirit-based healing, stress that healing techniques should work on the body as a total organism, rather than solely focusing on the mind. This aligns perfectly with our approach at the Center for Healing and Integration. Somatic healing therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy approaches by recognizing that trauma is not just stored in the mind but also in the nervous system and body. This groundbreaking therapy recognizes that talking therapies alone may not be enough to offer sufficient healing. Studies have shown that body-oriented treatments, like somatic experiencing therapy, are more effective strategies in addressing trauma and its impacts (Long, 2023).

Our New Offering: Somatic Healing Therapy

In somatic healing therapy, we understand that emotions and experiences can become stuck in the body, leading to a variety of physical symptoms and emotional distress. By tending to one's somatically-oriented process in the presence of a witness/therapist, healing occurs at a body-based level. This means that somatic healing therapy has the potential to not only address mental and emotional health issues but also alleviate physical symptoms and promote overall well-being. Through somatic healing therapy, individuals are encouraged to reconnect with their bodies and listen to the messages it holds, by tuning into physical sensations, practitioners can explore and release stored trauma and emotions, allowing for deep healing and transformation. The effectiveness of somatic healing therapy in treating trauma and promoting overall well-being is supported by multiple sources. Peter Levine, a renowned trauma expert, proposed that trauma is retained in the nervous system of an individual's body and that talking therapies alone cannot offer sufficient healing (Long, 2023). By integrating the mind and body, somatic healing therapy addresses the root causes of trauma and provides a holistic approach to healing.

Understanding the Benefits of Somatic Healing Therapy

Not only does somatic healing therapy offer a unique and effective way to address trauma and mental health issues, but it also establishes a strong foundation for further

psychotherapy and holistic healing practices. Integrative holistic practices, such as somatic healing therapy, offered in a retreat environment at the Center for Healing and Integration, provide significant relief and can potentially better position individuals to benefit from more traditional forms of psychotherapy. By promoting a greater capacity for self-regulation and grounding, somatic healing therapy allows individuals to approach trauma treatment from a place of strength and empowerment. With somatic healing therapy, individuals are allowed to reconnect with their bodies and tap into their innate capacity for healing. This connection between mind and body is crucial for the integration of trauma, as traditional approaches may lead to improvements in post-traumatic symptoms but not necessarily to the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Somatic Healing and its Impact on PTSD

Somatic healing therapy has shown promising results in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other related conditions. According to the principles of somatic trauma theory, traumas reside in the body until they are discharged or resolved. Traditional talk therapy alone might not be sufficient to address the deep-rooted trauma held in the body. Somatic experiencing and sensorimotor psychotherapy are two forms of therapy that focus on healing through the language and intelligence of the body, where trauma and attachment issues are said to reside. By incorporating both traditional talk therapy and body-oriented interventions, somatic healing therapy helps individuals become aware of their bodies, track bodily sensations, and implement physical actions that promote empowerment and competency.

The Mind-Body Connection in Emotional Health

The mind and body are intricately connected, and this connection plays a crucial role in maintaining emotional health. When faced with trauma, the body reacts by storing the experience within its nervous system. This stored trauma can manifest as physical symptoms, emotional distress, and cognitive impairments. Traditional trauma treatments often focus solely on the cognitive and emotional aspects of healing, neglecting the somatic component. However, somatic healing therapy recognizes the importance of addressing both the mind and body in order to achieve true integration and healing. Through somatic healing therapy, individuals are given the tools to reconnect with their bodies and tap into their innate capacity for self-regulation and grounding. By facilitating this mind-body connection, somatic healing therapy allows individuals to process and release the stored trauma, leading to significant relief from post-traumatic symptoms and a greater sense of overall well-being.

Exploring Mental and Emotional Health Solutions

When it comes to mental and emotional health, exploring various treatment options is crucial. While traditional talk therapy has its benefits, it may not be enough to fully address the underlying trauma stored in the body. This is where somatic healing therapy shines. Combining the power of traditional talk therapy with body-oriented interventions, somatic healing therapy offers a holistic approach to mental and emotional health. By incorporating body awareness, tracking bodily sensations, and engaging in physical actions, somatic healing therapy provides individuals with a unique opportunity to not only understand their traumas on a cognitive and emotional level but also to directly address them in the body.

Why Choose the Center for Healing and Integration

When seeking somatic healing therapy, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced provider. The Center for Healing and Integration stands out as a leader in holistic healing practices, offering somatic healing therapy that has been proven effective in treating PTSD and other mental and emotional health issues. With a focus on the integration of mind and body, their approach goes beyond traditional trauma treatments to provide a comprehensive healing experience. Through their retreat environment, the Center for Healing and Integration creates a space that supports the natural inclination of the mind and body towards healing. At the Center for Healing and Integration, individuals can expect a safe and nurturing environment where they are guided through the process of somatic healing therapy. Through their somatic healing therapy individuals can experience significant relief from post-traumatic symptoms and other mental and emotional distresses, paving the way for a greater sense of overall well-being.

Long, D.. (2023, February 16). Manual development and efficacy of Mindful Living Group activities to promote trauma healing during the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

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